Rental Rates

Individual Rates


You pay after you are done.

This way you can decide how long you want to kayak while you are out, and you don't have to rush back to beat the clock and not get charged for the next full hour.

Group Rates


Group discounts are available for groups of 20 or more ONLY and 2 hours minimum.

This special price exists only when a group leader:

1. Collects the waiver signatures from each individual participant.

2. Reads the safety rules to the group.

3. Organizes the entire group to be available for a group briefing by the concessionaire.

4. Collects the fees from the individual participants and makes a single payment to the concessionaire.

* Groups of 19 or less are not afforded the group rate.

* The group organizer is responsible to ascertain that all participants know how to swim.

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